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  • Underwired sports bra, for high impact workouts, made with seam-free foam cups. High apex style for full coverage, can wear alone for tank or crop top style. Moisture-wicking fabric, ultimate comfort, breathability, reduce chafing and skin irritation.
  • Best for high impact sports, intense workouts like distance Running, Kick Boxing, Cycling, Dancing, Strength training at the gym, or other Athletics/ Sports. Up to 60% less bounce! Your every day, every workout sports bra.
  •  Racerback clip and hook adjustment design to allow for three different shoulder strap positions. Swivel front shoulder strap clasp moves and flexes with the body. Bra-sized to give you the best fit possible.
  •  Quick-drying, moisture-wicking padded shoulder straps, underbust, and body band minimizes irritation in high rub areas and keeps you dry. Seam-free and perforated contour cups provide breath-ability and reduce chafing. All-day comfort lets you focus on your workout.
  •  For over 100 years, Berlei has been designed in the UK, created by women for women. Berlei offers customers the best-fitting product with no compromise on comfort, solution, and support for all occasions and life stages. Berlei is a lifelong partner for all women, of all shapes and sizes.


  • Size: S XXS XS M L XL XXL
  • Upper collar type: stand-up collar
  • Color classification: Dark Blue Green Orange White

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Vest x1



Workout gear is often made from blended synthetic materials and needs a different style of laundering than most of your other clothes. Active wear pieces are made from fabrics that are hard-working, durable, sweat-wicking, lightweight and breathable - essentially, everything you want when you're working out or being active.

Washing Activewear

Always wash your activewear in cold water on a gentle cycle as hot water and too much friction during washing can damage the fibers of your activewear and shorten its lifespan. Although you might be tempted to use more laundry detergent to clean your activewear, make sure to stick to the specified amount of laundry detergent. Too much detergent will build up in the clothing fibers, which creates a perfect environment for the bacteria and fungi that cause odors.

Also, avoid fabric softeners as they coat fibers with a thin film, therefore locking in bacteria, and odor. Fabric softeners can also break down stretchy elastic fibers, which are common in activewear pieces.

Reducing Microplastics

Synthetic materials shed microfibers (small plastic particles) when washed, which are too small to be retained in the sewage treatment plants and eventually end up in our rivers and oceans. To help avoid polluting our waterways, you can use a Washing Bag. Simply put your activewear and other garments made from synthetic materials in the washing bag, close it, place it in the washing machine and wash as usual. After washing, remove your clothes from the bag. Clean the washing bag by removing the microfiber collected in the corners and seams, and dispose of the microfiber correctly.

Drying Activewear

Try to always let your activewear air-dry, as hot tumble-drying can negatively affect shape and quality. The heat and friction of tumble drying can also wear away elastic properties and weaken the material, which can ultimately lead to holes and rips. When air-drying, also keep your activewear away from heaters or direct sunlight to avoid damaging the fibers.

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