Hollow Bicycle seat

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Product Description

The hollow bicycle saddle is designed to relieve pressure points in your sensitive areas, while helping promote optimum blood circulation to your gluteus maximus and the other muscles of your butt. A removable foam seat pad is included to relieve pressure on your buttocks and keep you comfy on long rides. Your sore muscles will thank you for the smooth ride, and the peace of mind that you are supported and comfortable.

Hollow Bicycle seat is a very comfortable seat that can be used for cycling, riding or a day at the beach. It has a large-sized seat and adjustable straps to enable you to get in and out of it easily.
It comes with a handlebar bracket, and is fully assembled with the saddle and handles of your choice. The seat was designed to fit the rear, which is easy on the shoulders. You will have a great seat while driving. This style fits most bikes and comes with multiple mounting points so it's a great option when a bike is not in use but still feels comfortable to sit in.

Color: A white