24 Mode Physiotherapy Instrument

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 This physiotherapy instrument is made of high quality stainless steel, which has been tested to be safe and durable. The instrument can be used for treating patients with neck pain or shoulder pain. This physiotherapy instrument includes two sets of safety head electrodes, power charger, USB cable, and manual.


1. Using the physical massage principle of electronic acupuncture, using low-frequency pulses, imitating the 24 basic techniques of acupuncture massage, massage promotes blood circulation, and imitates real-life massage therapy.

2. The default massage time of the system is 20 minutes, and the massage time can be adjusted for 10-60 minutes.

3. 24 massage modes, various massage methods such as beating and kneading, can be used at will. The charging plugs are available in US, Australia, EU and UK, usually US.

4. 20-speed intensity adjustment, dual-channel output interface, can connect 2 sets of products to use at the same time.

Operation Instructions

1. Clean the part you want to care for; lift off the protective film of the product patch and stick the instrument to the part you need to care for (the whole body can be used).

2. Press the "Power On/Off button" on the upper left side of the machine to switch the instrument on and off.

3. Press the "mode selection key MODE" to select the mode, 24 modes can be selected.

4. Adjust the massage intensity; press "+" once, the pulse intensity will increase by 1 small gear (the machine does not display plus 1 grid), press "+" twice, the pulse intensity will increase by 1 large gear. Grid"; press "-", the pulse intensity is reduced by 1 small file in the same way, press "-" twice. There are 10 large-scale massage intensity (20 small-scale) to choose from.

5. Press the "T" key to select the massage time, and the selection range of the massage time is 10-60 minutes.

6. Apply 1-2 times a day, it is better to use the instrument 30 minutes after meals or after bathing.


Detailed parameters

Battery capacity: 200MA Working time: 0-60mins

Output frequency: 0-104Hz Input voltage: AC110-240V

Output pulse width: 80us Operating temperature: 5-40℃

Adapter output voltage: 5V Working humidity: <85%






Product standard diagram


Care Guide for Gym Equipments

Types of Gym Maintenance Plans

Your gym equipment needs regular maintenance, and your maintenance can be preventive or corrective. Corrective maintenance rectifies problems or malfunctions in your gym equipment, while preventive maintenance safeguards your exercise equipment against possible damage. Your gym equipment needs both types of maintenance regimens to stay functional.

Home Gym Equipment Care and Maintenance Tips

Your workout equipment and accessories need to be in good condition to stay functional and serve their purpose. Here are insightful tips on how to care, repair, and maintain your home exercise equipment.

1. Buy Well-Established Brands of Gym Equipment

Knock offs are common in all industries, and the fitness equipment industry is no exception. There are many original gym tools and devices out there. Quality gym equipment brands are costly, but it's better to go for an expensive piece of equipment that is strong and durable than to go for a weak piece of equipment that won't serve you for long. Always go for top-quality brands of gym equipment and accessories.

2. Keep a Regular Cleaning Regimen

Gyms are busy and there are many people that use your fitness equipment each day under sweaty conditions. It's thus possible for diseases and other contaminants to spread around the gym. As such, all workout gym equipment should always be clean after use. You should buy cleaning sprays, dispensers, and other cleaning equipment and materials to clean all your equipment at the end of your workout. You should follow the manufacturer's cleaning instructions when cleaning your exercise equipment. Proper gym equipment cleaning will eliminate odors, dust, and any other types of debris and contaminants, which may stick to gym equipment.

3. Check the Manuals to Get Proper Cleaning and Maintenance Tips

It's only gym equipment makers and maintenance and repair crews that understand how to maintain the equipment well. So, don't make your gym equipment maintenance, repair, and maintenance process a DIY project. Always ask for a pro in this field or a technician designated to perform such activities in your area.

4. Lubricate all Gym Equipment Moving Parts

Lots of friction and heat in the joints of exercise equipment may cause damage to the parts because of excessive wear and tear. Treadmills and all other gym equipment with moving parts need some lubrication. The lubrication will help in preventing rust on your gym equipment. Always ask your fitness store to provide you with the best lubricant.

5. Prevent Gym Equipment Misuse

Some gym equipment can serve more than one purpose, but the equipment shouldn't be used for exercises that they weren't designated to handle. The wrong use of gym equipment may damage it or cause quick wear and tear. To ensure that your exercise equipment lasts you should make sure that they are used for their proper purpose.

Exercise equipment maintenance, repair, and cleaning is important, and it ensures that your gym equipment lasts for long. Proper care and maintenance will also prevent injuries and further damage of such gym equipment.


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