Gym Essentials for Beginners  and Fitness Lovers If you don’t know what to do in the gym or you’ve never stepped foot in one before, it can seem like a pretty scary place. What are all the machines for? How do I do use them? Is everyone looking at me?

That’s why we’ve put together the ultimate gym guide for beginners, that covers everything from what to pack in your gym bag, right up to your very own beginner’s workout. Once you’ve read through this guide, you’ll know everything there is to know about working out in the gym and smashing your fitness goals.

 Gym bag: The very first thing you need, to carry your gym essentials kit with you to the gym, is a gym bag. When buying a gym bag, consider whether it fits your requirements, and go for something that is spacious but not too bulky. The right-sized bag will not only carry all your essentials but will also be easier to carry around on public transport.

If you shower at your gym, then buy a bag with separate dry and wet compartments. Most importantly, opt for a gym bag that is breathable and washable to avoid any musty odors and mildew.

Yoga mat: An exercise mat is essential when doing body weight exercises, which are an important part of any good exercise routine to increase strength. An exercise mat not only protects your joints but also makes kneeling exercises easier especially if the floor is hard and uncomfortable.

Exercises mat are perfect for basic stretching and abs exercises. Even if you are doing dead-lifts, you will need an exercise mat to do the warm-up steps. Buy a stretching mat that is big and thick enough to offer you protection from friction and abrasion from the ground.

Resistance bands: A resistance band is one of the best gym essentials for beginners. Resistance bands allow you to perform an extensive variety of exercises. They are great for warming up the muscle groups you want to target during the primary part of your exercise routine. They are also among the most suggested gym essentials for women because they improve mobility and flexibility.

Introducing resistance bands to heavier exercises like dead-lifts, squats, and hip thrusts can make you experience the burn in all the right spots by adding resistance during both the work and rest phase of your exercise. Plus, they are super affordable.

Water bottle: Staying hydrated is extremely important during workouts to prevent your body from getting dehydrated. So, make sure that you have a water bottle in your gym bag along with other gym bag essentials.

Opt for a water bottle that is leak-proof, to avoid any spillages in the gym bag, and reusable because reusable bottles are good for the environment and also keep water colder for more time

Rumble-rollers:  Rumble-Rollers are a scientifically crafted mobility tool made to imitate a thumb-like massage pressure for deep tissue. If you do strength training, then you definitely need to add this to your gym bag essentials bodybuilding and make it a regular part of your routine, before and after workouts. A rumble-roller breaks up knotted muscle fibers and get rid of tightness.

Another reason to add a rumble-roller to your bag is that it increases the range of motion, lowers the risk of injuries and ensures faster recovery. You can also make it a part of your home gym essentials if you do heavy-duty exercises.

Micro-fiber Gym Towel: Normal gym towels don’t get the job done all the time, and that’s why it is better to get a micro-fiber towel because the micro-fiber absorb sweat and moisture and give a cooling effect. Besides, it’s very impractical to carry a bulky towel with you, so keep a micro-fiber towel in your gym essentials kit.

Moreover, if you are involved in running, yoga, HIT, and belly fat exercises, then opt for an antibacterial microfiber towel. They can retain 3-4 times their weight in water, and dry ten times faster than regular towels.

Heart monitor: It is a good idea to get yourself a smart-watch to keep track of your calories burned, steps were taken during cardio, and heart track to help you stay fit and healthy.

Gym clothes:Just like your sneakers, you don’t want to be caught at the gym without proper gym attire. An easy way to remember what you’ve packed is to make a small list as you go and pin it to your bag. Don’t remember if you’ve packed something? Just check the list!

 SNEAKERS:There is nothing worse than getting to the gym and realizing that you forgot to pack your sneakers. Seriously, how are you supposed to get through a spin class with no shoes? Make that harsh reality a thing of the past by always packing your sneakers first when assembling your gym bag. Don’t forget your socks either! Many gyms try to charge you a pretty penny for things like socks and towels, so be sure to bring your own!






Written by Yukisan Tennyson

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